Today is the Feast of St. Andrew–you know, the brother of the first Pope (Peter) and a fisherman. In the Gospel, we read that famous passage where the two guys are going about their daily work and Jesus (unknown to them at the time) walks by and says, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Not a typical day, right?

What makes the scenario even more unusual is that the Gospel account says that “At once they left their nets and followed him.” At once. They didn’t pack a bag, they didn’t cash in on the fish they had caught that day, they just followed this man, whom they knew nothing about. Can you imagine the dynamism the Son of God must have had to bring about such a reaction?

Perhaps you have experienced that sort of call from the Lord. Have you ever felt the tug of the Holy Spirit? Maybe you heard the Lord’s voice in prayer, guiding you to make a tough decision. Or maybe the breath of the Holy Spirit led you strongly to reach out to a friend in need, a stranger on the street, or even to share the Good News in a situation that would normally be outside of your comfort zone.

“Your words, Lord, are Spirit and life”, we repeat in the Responsorial Psalm. Christ’s words certainly led Sts. Peter and Andrew for the rest of their life. Not only did they leave their work and become Christ’s disciples, they followed Him and spread His word to the known world.

The Psalm continues to describe the words of Christ saying:  “They are more precious than gold, than a heap of purest gold.” If we really believe this to be true, how can we resist sharing the Good News, in putting Christ first, like those fishermen-turned-saints did so many years ago?

I believe that Christ’s words are true, but it’s the remembering that gets me. Amidst busy days, daily stressors and everyday tasks, I sometimes forget what is really important. During this Advent, it is my prayer that we find a few minutes each day to remember what really is our “Spirit and Life” and when we recall it, that we will be able to follow Christ’s words and the Holy Spirit’s promptings throughout our days.

Caitlin Bootsma is the Communications Director at Fuzati, a strategic marketing company that serves a long list of Catholic ministries, orders and apostolates, helping to bring the “Spirit and Life” of their charisms to the world.

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  1. lord as u called st andrew and the other brothers to follow u and they did not hesitate call my grandson to u also and hold on to him so that he too can b a light to the world. he is in a very dark and confused place in his life right now and so im pleading with you and mama mary to to deliver /protect /heal and guide his every step from today on till he sees u face to face in heaven. i trust in you completely and i want to give u thanks and praise and honor and glory for answerinng my prayers. for nothing is impossible to you. also heal my daughter form every illness known or unknown .i ask all this in Jesus.s name.amen amen and amen.


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