“No. He will be called John.”

These are powerful words from Elizabeth, mother of St. John the Baptist. She is going against the popular opinion of her friends and relatives. She is going against the cultural norm of the day. She is choosing to break a tradition that has been upheld for generations. The baby will not be called Zechariah after his father; he will be called John.

Even when they questioned her, Elizabeth was firm and unwavering in her commitment to the Lord’s plan. When her husband Zechariah was asked his opinion, he fully backed his wife’s decision. It was then that Zechariah was able to speak again after months of being mute.

“Immediately his mouth was opened, his tongue freed, and he spoke blessing God.”

And, as it says in the Gospel, the people were amazed.

When we take a stand for our faith and commit ourselves to God’s plan, our witness may also give others the courage to break free from the silence. Do not let the cultural norms or popular opinion hold you back from pursuing the will of God. Share your faith unapologetically with the same strength and conviction as Elizabeth.

When you gather with family and friends this Christmas, look for the opportunity to share the Gospel message and the true meaning of this joyful celebration. It might not be a tradition in your family to go Mass on Christmas day or talk about God’s great love for us, but you can start it. When you speak with confidence of the mercy Christ has shown to you, it may just bring the light needed in order to break through someone’s darkness and fear.

This Christmas, live as a joyful reflection of what Christ has done for us and be inspired to declare the Good News of the Birth of Our King and Savior Jesus Christ.

At first, people may react with shock and question you. However, when they see the power of God at work in your life, they too will be amazed.

Becky Roach is a member of the Communications staff at Fuzati, a strategic Catholic marketing company that seeks to place marketing and innovation at the service of the Church.

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  1. My name is Frank and I receive your daily email of “ucatholic” and enjoy reading the life stories of the saints. Occasionally I go to a weekly Mass and would like to fill the Mass readings I’m my iPhone, however as I live in Melbourne Australia, i receive the readings one day too late as we are ahead in the time zone!!!
    Is it possibly to receive the daily readings one day earlier for the Australian readers? How can this be done?
    Please help.


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