“Their voice has gone forth to all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world,” ends the first reading.

So, everyone knows the story of the redemption.

Yet, despite this, there are many who will claim on Judgment Day that we never told them of Christ.

How will we defend ourselves?

Simply by showing the occasions, in this life, when they knew we had taken each of them to the treasury door of the Gospels and let each and every one consider taking that final step inside.

Even getting to that very gate of wonder is not easy.

After all, since The Fall, humanity has been plagued by being weak-minded and by being weak-willed, even if the mind is sharp and strong.

How often, for instance, have we heard that Mary was promiscuous or that the wrong man was executed on The Cross?

Strangely, though, these very excuses are self-destructive. After all, if Mary was not important and the slaying of The Lamb not vital to our redemption, then why make a fuss of either?

If we recognize this contradiction, then we may also come to realize that it was important for Mary to have been a virgin to break the chain of sin and that Jesus did, in fact, die to become Our Savior.

And, yet, God will not force anyone into heaven who is unwilling to enter. Our fishing nets need to be fit for purpose. True. But if the fish jump out and prefer the open sea where they will always thirst, then so be it.

For our part, we can witness to those we encounter, prompt them to think more deeply about their objections to the faith and pray, hoping they recognize the Face of Christ.

–Michael Moore, international analyst and facilitator of successful communication and persuasion

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    • Thank you, Vickie.

      It is with some pain that I see my own family and friends continue to opt to choose the paths that will not quench their thirst for The Divine. This has happened now for 35 years, since I crossed over to Rome.

      Perhaps the new year (of mercy) will see a sea-change? Let us hope…

  1. Hi This is my 1st time observing the reflections for the Season of Advent. Often in the past I’ve allowed myself to become distracted by the magnitude and relentless efforts of commerce. Poor health, introspection and Self-obsession has made a bit of a Introvert. But know, somehow I find myself with a little more clarity. Proper Health-care, abstinence and Prayer has found me less worried and prone to depression. Accountability for my problems allows me to be a little less insecure…O’Lord Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, Pray for me a sinner.


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