On this Christmas day, we get together with family and other loved ones, and we gather at church with those who also believe that Jesus is our Lord and our Savior. It is a marvelous time to celebrate with the treasured people in our lives. And it is a perfect time to thank God for the gifts of life and love and eternity. The Father presented His Son to the world as the newborn Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary, conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is truly the Word made flesh because the reality of Jesus Christ is that He is completely divine and completely human.

On this Christmas Day, we rejoice in the coming of the Savior, through whom God speaks to us. We celebrate our belief in Jesus. And, in recognizing His mercy and generosity to us, we can better understand that He wants us to offer that same mercy and generosity to others. So many people who are among our own loved ones, as well as those in communities half a world away need our attention because they suffer in body or soul. We can ease their burdens by choosing to cooperate with God’s grace. Let us ask Him to guide us in sharing our faith through our prayer and example, through our words and our actions. May the Holy Infant bless us all, today and every day. And may we respond with a grateful and gracious heart, being as He is, “the light shining in the darkness” (see John 1:5).


This reflection was provided by MISSIO. Find out more about the work of the Pontifical Mission Societies here.





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