What sort of hurry are we in? What has us rushing about doing many things? Do we know if we are coming or going? Surprisingly, in today’s readings we are invited to do both. First we are ‘sweet voice’!

Mary then shows us what to do next. She isn’t just sitting around waiting upon the Lord to come. Carrying Him within her heart and ‘womb’ she goes out to serve, to leave behind what makes sense and is convenient. She is preparing a way for her Son by sharing the joy of his coming with her beloved cousin Elizabeth. This what we try to do each day through prayer, allowing the Lord to enter our hearts so that we can bring Him to others throughout the day.

‘Making space’ for the Lord to hear His invitation is what encourages me to provide Do-it-Yourself online retreats at RCSpirituality.org. It is just one way to share my love for God and inviting others to know him. How eager and earnest am I about spreading the ‘favor of the Lord’?

As Advent continues, let’s look to Mary’s elegant example of allowing the Lord to be present within her to reach out to others. Let our greeting one another be a sharing in the blessing of the Lord.  Blessed are we too for believing the words spoken to Mary. Our lover comes!

drawn to come to the Lord and then go in haste to spread the joy of his coming amongst us. In the Song of Songs we are beckoned to “Arise, my beloved, my beautiful one, and come!” How our hearts restlessly wait for the Lord this Advent season that we may see Him and hear his

Lucy Honner, RC Spirituality

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