Free All Saints & Souls Prayer Card

All Saints & All Souls

Prayer & Devotion To The Communion Of Saints

In the life of the Church, the liturgical feasts of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ offer a unique time and opportunity to reflect on the unity of God’s people, in this world and the next.  

On All Saints’ day, we honor all those holy men and women who make up the great cloud of witnesses in Heaven, both great saints and saints known only to God. On All Souls’ Day, we remember and pray for those who have gone to their rest in the Lord and ask that they may be recipients of his mercy and beatific vision.  

To assist you in celebrating these important and holy feasts, we have created a FREE two-sided prayer card with prayers for the intercession of the saints on one side, and supplication for those souls of the faithful departed on the other. 

The "Prayer to the Saints & Angels” is a great reminder of the “cloud of witnesses” we have in the Catholic faith and that God is both personal and exalted.  

The "Prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory" by St. Gertrude is a powerful prayer that has been prayed by the Catholic faithful for centuries.

Join us in prayer!

Download this FREE prayer card to join our prayers, as The Church Militant, with The Church Triumphant and for the poor souls of The Church Penitent!