Many people point to the existence of the Spanish Inquisition as a proof that the Catholic Church could not be founded by Christ. This claim is illogical in itself and also false because it’s based on a false conception of the Inquisition. Today we look at one of the pillars of that false conception: pulling it out of it’s historical context.

Ave Maria!

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  1. Brother rightly places some things in perspective and says some important words, but the most important one is missing: SORRY. Even though it is true that things must be placed in context, and the evils of the Inquisition are often completely overblown, there is simply no doubt that the Inquisition WAS responsible for countless atrocities – not only against invading Muslims but also for Marranos Jews, often converted to Catholicism by force, whose only crime was to try to retain some of their ancient Jewish customs that had been, after all, instituted by God Himself. Can the cruel expulsion of ALL Jews from Spain in 1492 be justified under any circumstance?

    It seems to me that in this case “no apologies” makes for a very bad policy and very un-catholic attitude. Did the Lord not teach that humility (and not triumphalism) is a virtue? Instead of denying or sweeping away the sins of our forefathers, might it not be more Christ-like to just say ‘sorry’?

    Pope John-Paul II began this process of humble repentance, but it sure still has a long way to go…
    Catholics for Israel (

    • Yes… poor invading muslim… innocent as doves who slaughtered thousand and sold to slavery tens of thousand!

      We should really apologize to those who truly killed and enslaved tens of thousand, right?

      “there is simply no doubt that the Inquisition WAS responsible for countless atrocities ”


      First they are not ‘countless’ as all the proceedings of the Inquisition are recorded and we have the numbers and they are by far not too many to count.

      Second if I am not wrong (and I am not) the Spanish inquisition killed less people in it’s existence than for example the State of Texas in his existence…

      ” whose only crime was to try to retain some of their ancient Jewish customs that had been, after all, instituted by God Himself”

      That was not the reason at all, your claim is quite unhistorical.

      It is true that there have been abuses in the S. Inquisition, but the root was NOT the Church, but the KING. Charles V used the inquisition AGAINST the wishes of Rome and the Pope, as a tool to cement his political power and increase his own riches.

      So the ‘just blame it on the Church’ tactic simply won’t do!.

      “Can the cruel expulsion of ALL Jews from Spain in 1492 be justified under any circumstance?””

      What if one asked: Can the cruel and terrible horros suffered by the poor and kind ‘misguided muslims’ in Guantamo Bay be justified?

      Let’s not throw around words to sawy people by sheer emotions.

      One should also understand why things happened.

      It was not the first time Jews were expelled from somewhere… they were expelled from PAGAN Rome as well and NOT for ‘religeous reasons’.

      I am NOT saying that the treatment the Jews received was always righteous. As a people they suffered a lot and great injustices were committed against them, that is true, but when we examin history one should look at all the corners of the pictures, not only one side of it.

  2. Ariel,
    Marranos were Jews who converted VOLUNTARILY in order to maintain their positions and influence, but did so with the intention of not really accepting Catholicism. Unless you understand the social and political implications of the times, you cannot judge 500 years later whether it was prudent to do so or not. Can you in turn defend the current Israeli policies which forbid preaching of Christianity in public? How about the surrounding of Palestinians (even Christians) behind a wall, like sub-human pigs (marranos) themselves? How about the prosecution of Communists by the US government during the 50s?

    Just as Israel refuses to apologize for its victimization of others in today’s political landscape, neither should we expect that someone in the present should apologize for the actions of their ancestors during a time that was more politically unstable than we’ve ever experienced. John Paul II could apologize all he wants for the past. I won’t. I don’t have a reason to.

    Stop apologizing for Being Catholic or expecting others to do so.


  3. Wow, his comment of a communist in America wearing a mask and attempting to subvert the American system sent chills down my spine, thinking about our current situation!

  4. Amen, FM. The fact is that persecution comes as part of a political issue, not a religious one. One finds the same in Elizabethan England where people were forced to attend Anglican services and were fined heavily if they did not. English Catholics suffered the most heavily because of the Armada–it was not the other way around. Irish Catholics suffered even more. They were not even allowed to own a horse worth above 5 pounds. If caught at Mass, or caught harboring a priest, they would be hanged, drawn, and quartered with the priest. The goal behind it was Absolute Monarchy. King James, in his turn, not only executed Catholics, but also Protestants, and burned so-called witches. All of this led, little by little, to Americans establishing religious freedom. If we do not pay attention we will lose this most important freedom we have.


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