Faith Alone VS. Faith & Works. 2 minute apologetics by John Martignoni, president of the Bible Christian Society.

Faith Alone VS. Faith & Works

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    • God’s grace saves us through our faith…but do not narrowly define faith….faith must consist of works that God has fashioned for each of us after one surrenders one’s life to Christ. Taking verses out of the context of the whole of scripture like some do with Ephesians 2:8-9 will result in ignoring Christ’s own pronouncements (over 100 of them) that actions are required from us. Without faith-based actions Christ warns that all could be taken away from us and we could be turned out into the darkness.

  1. I believe that no matter what the catholic church has been teaching, the impact on their followers is different from the FAITH+works that they are trying to teach. From my experience, when I ask a catholic How they think they’ll get to heaven the number one answer I get is “good works”. The catholic church needs to do something about this especially since they have tonnes of people who listens to their teaching. They need to be more personal in their approach, more upfront.

  2. Brother/Sister Asker2. have you asked every member of your church and by your assessment, all passed the “test”? As it gives some who practice certain faith joy to take the life of ther humans who are not of the same faith with them all in the name of fighting 4 God, so also are some Christians who think that the best way to please God is either to critisize catholics, condemn them or look down on them and the faith of the church. brother, be very sure of yourself before you attack Catholics because you might be working against God in the name of working for Him. For me, i believe that we need both faith in Christ Jesus and the Good work that is enhanced by only the grace of God to be saved.

  3. As a Catholic Christian, I ask the question (and get asked) “How much is enough?” (works) So how would you respond. If Christ’s work for us is all we need to receive this grace of salvation, what does it mean to believe on His work and “be saved?” Thanks!


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