Should We Confess Our Sins to a Priest? 2 minute apologetics by John Martignoni, president of the Bible Christian Society.

Should We Confess Our Sins to a Priest?

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  1. YES this is an important issue to people and your comments were clear an direct. The video format and brevity make it easy to be edified. 😀

    Thank you.

    Psychologically as well as spiritually it is better to confess and counsel WITH someone –
    1. faith – clarity – clarifies our own mind on the matter, and creates realworld focus
    2. love – comfort – there is pain in error and counseling aspects of confession heal and help
    3. hope -growth – empowers for spiritual and personal growth and improvements better to speak it all , aloud to another.

  2. The little boy woke his mom crying that the thunderstorm was frightening him. The mom said, “Remember I told you God is always with you, so don’t be afraid.” Her son replied, “But I want someone with skin on to be with me!”
    Sure we know God hears our prayers and He definitely knows our sins. He is forgiving. but just like the little boy, we need someone with skin on.

    We need to know that our sins are heard and that they are forgiven. We need to feel the touch of their hand on our head and hear those beautiful words,” I absolve you of your sins, in the name of the Father ,the Son and the Holy Spirit

    We also need the counsel of someone to tell us how not to repeat those sins.
    That is why God in His almighty wisdom gave us the Alter Christus, another Christ here on earth to help us on our journey to our eternal home.


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