The Most Reverend Richard Gerard Lennon, Bishop of Cleveland Homily on the HHS Mandate & Religious Freedom – ( )

Pope Benedict XVI & Bishop Lennon

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    The ‘Church’ has, for centuries, made a MESS in Europe…so much so that people had to escape to the New World to get away from its HATE… Lest you forget, try to recall the thousands of Gods children the Church murdered over the years…all in its ‘LOVING guidance’…HA!
    The Church has its ‘captive audience’ at least once a week to preach its (mis)guidance and HATE…PLEASE KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF OUR CIVIL/GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS!!!

    • How ironic! The government is forcing the Church to purchase “government approved” insurance, through threat of jail and fines, loss of licenses, etc. When the Church understandably speaks out against this mandate, then the mandate supporters wrap their arguments in the mantle of their inverted version of “separation of Church and State”. What an perversion of the First Amendment! Ironic, but not surprising. They won’t be satisfied until the Church is silenced.

    • Freedom of religion was guaranteed by our Founding Fathers and is contained in our Constitution. Freedom of religion includes – not from our Constitution, but from God – the right to LIVE one’s religion. This has nothing to do with Catholic Church history or Europe. This is the United States of America. My country.

      I am a Catholic, but also an American. American Catholics are Americans. I will not back down to you or Mr Obama and his administration. I will stand with my bishops.
      You, sir, back off of MY rights!

    • Oh give me a break. Stop reading anti-catholic BS and do some real work, some real research and learn for yourself that although the church has made it’s share of mistakes, those errors pale before the egregious errors of every nation.

  2. The Constitution does NOT outlaw religion, but assures religious freedom. And the Church, regardless of its many sins, has done immeasurable social and moral good in this nation and the world at large. I am happy the Bishops are speaking out, and they will not stop. GOD BLESS THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  3. @Donald E. Hull:

    Unfortunately you seem rather misinformed about two major things…
    First, the pilgrims who escaped to the new world were escaping from the persecution not of the Roman Catholic Church but of The Church of England who usually condemned being members of another denomination. The issue was also more of a disagreement in theology, the pilgrims believing that the COE had lost its way and they wanted to start over.

    Second, the separation of church and state is something that the Roman Catholic Church instituted itself for the sake of keeping the State out of the affairs of the Church. It was never intended to be used from the side of the state as it has been in the last 200 years. This ‘mess in Europe’ also makes no historical sense at all seeing as it is the Church that kept Europe running in the middle ages. Perhaps you could explain what you mean by ‘mess in Europe’ so that I am no longer confused.

    I also fail to see where the Church has preached misguidance and hate. I’m not talking about individuals (who many times are not in line with the Church’s teachings) but the Church Herself, especially in modern times.
    The tone of your comment leaves me to believe that you seem to have some sort of personal problem with the Roman Catholic Church that has resulted in your inability to look at subjective facts as they are. It’s either that or, as I am hoping, you simply are unlearned of the facts of history. I would invite you to find a catechism of the Catholic Church, which is a succinct summary of the actual teachings of the Church, and then make your arguments from there.

    God bless you.

  4. Go Bishop Lennon! Save us from the post-modern, totalitarian, atheistic nihilists who want gov’mint to take over every aspect of our lives, against the (Catholic-inspired) social justice concept of subsidiarity – ‘helping people from the goodness of our hearts, at the level closest to the needs’.

    Thank you, too, for the true story about the religious sisters’ letter to, and response from, President Jefferson in 1804!

    God Bless America – One Nation Under God!

  5. Know your history Mr. Hull. Hate filled and intolerant religions were banished to the New World by their fellow Protestants. These religions did not seek a nation that was religiously tolerant, but one that only recognized theirs. This is why other religions were, and continue to be, met with hatred and bigotry.

  6. My prayer: Would that the entire Georgetown Univ. admin, Father Pfleger, Sister Carol Keehan, Nancy Pelosis, Cathleen Sebelius, Catholics United leaders, and all other severely misguided anti-catholic/pseudo-Catholic leaders be removed from their positions. Would that those who loathe and hate us are blessed with a real and deep conversion so that they see what they have wrought and repent, before they face the final judgement. Would that we all grow deeper in faith, and become more truly devout Catholics through this struggle. Would that our Bishops realize that an all powerful Federal Government is not a friend of the church nor the people and NEVER will be.
    God calls for US to feed the poor, not the gov’t, for US to clothe the naked, not the gov’t, for US to provide shelter to the homeless, not the gov’t. for US to heal the sick, not the gov’t. for us to visit those in prison, not the gov’t. And in the end he calls for US to stand up for what is right and good, and to stand against what is evil no matter the cost. This is real Catholic success, anything less is real Catholic failure.


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