Infallibility, based on reason and scripture, is a requirement for revealing the true Church of Christ.

Ave Maria!

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  1. Church has already introduced errors. The 3rd secret of fatima, the devil has already entered the vatican. Since the establishment of vatican 2 our church has gone wayward. The pope encouraging its members to accept and embrace what God condemned. Embracing homosexuality, divorce and other things which is an eyesore to God.

  2. Dear Janus,
    Could it be you have had an extraordinary personal encounter with the devil at the Vatican to have made you held onto your claims that “the church introduced errors and that the devil has already entered the Vatican”?
    This author disagrees with your views.

    It is a known knowledge that the devil has been in existence and he is everywhere prowling frantically for souls to snatch away. For that singular reason, the scriptures warned all the faithful to be on the guard, cf 1Peter 5:8.

    Therefore, was it the church that introduced the devil with the errors?
    Absolutely it’s not the church. The church is perfect and has remained so. The worry lies on the Christians with untamed human failings.
    In other words, the devil is an error personified.



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