Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe in the Trinity.  In their booklet Should you believe in the Trinity? they give their reasons why. Today we’re going to begin to expose some of it’s many errors.

Ave Maria!

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  1. I wish I understand you because I am deaf. Can you add subtitles? I am interested to know why Jehovah’s Witness don’t believe in the Trinity. They always stop by in spring time. They annoyed me and they do not understand my wish to stay as Catholic. My friend told me it is best to open up the bible and find the powerful verse and show them. They would leave me alone. I am surprised. I need that but he forgot the name. He said he will let me know but he never got around to it. So I am asking you which verse I should show the Jehovah’s Witness. I want them to know that there is the truth behind it. Help me find it. I pray for them to convert to Catholic. Thank you. I look forward your text. That will mean a lot to me. Not just me but to a lot of people. Thank you.

    • You might do well to look up the Jehovah’s witnesses on Catholic Answers website. You can research any other religion on this site and have a thorough understanding of their beliefs and how to answer them and understand them. But mainly it is a great tool for understanding your own faith. God bless!

    • There is subtitles. You have to click on the “CC” button beside the gear button that changes quality. Click on this and then select English and enjoy!

  2. The name “Jehovah” is wrong also since ancient Jews did not speak God’s name. In the Hebrew Scriptures God’s Name is YHWH. The translators of the King James Bible added the vowels and translated “Jehovah.”

    • There is subtitles. You have to click on the “CC” button beside the gear button that changes quality. Click on this and then select English and enjoy!

  3. hi guys,if ever you encounter JW let them talk for a while and then if they share tell them straight that u belong to the CATHOLIC CHURCH FOUNDED BY JESUS CHRIST AND THE ONE WHO GIVE THE WORLD A BIBLE..and then i told them sometimes that i have my bible and i always asked the guidance of the holy spirit..i’m sure they don’t dropby or knock your door next time….

  4. I had a JW tell me that Mary was a convert. I said “What?”, she said that Mary converted from Judaism to Christianity. Again, I say what?….

  5. As an EX Jehovah’s Witness for 30 years I remember studying this booklet at our weekly meetings. The controversies in this book have caused the Jehovah’s Witness Organization to stop publishing it. They have also had to stop publishing many of their publications because of misquoting experts, misrepresenting information as in this particular publication and their Revelation Book, using biased sources and not being honest about who they are quoting. Don’t believe them there numbers are not going up as they claim. Their members are leaving in droves!!!

  6. In your video here, you say Jesus is Jehovah. So I ask, how can Jesus be Jehovah, the GREAT GOD, IF according to you, the GREAT GOD is a Trinity of 3 persons??? Are you teaching Jesus HIMSELF is the GREAT GOD of 3 persons? If so, you are a MODALIST!

    Here are some more questions I see you are unable to grasp, let alone answer:

    Is your One Almighty YHVH or Jehovah God, THREE DISTINCT Persons that are this one Ontological (ESSENCE) being, namely YHVH or Jehovah God? YES OR NO?

    If No, this conversation is over.
    If Yes, I ask: Is Jesus THREE Persons? Yes or No?

    If you answer YES, then this conversation is over as that makes you a MODALIST. (That is, you are teaching everyone that Jesus is THE FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT) If you properly answered NO, then Jesus cannot be this ** YHVH** God as he does not meet the “criteria” that YOU present as being needed to be THE Almighty God,” namely: “THREE DISTINCT persons that cannot be separated from ESSENCE.”

    IS Jesus ALL that Jehovah God the Almighty Is? YES OR NO?

    IF Yes, you have no choice but to agree that Jesus is the Father the son and the holy spirit! Why??? Because you *cannot separate persons from essence (ontological trinity) can you?* You are thus a MODALIST!

    IF NO, then what God is Jesus if he is not the ONE Triune God who is 3 persons?? Are you a polytheist? Is Jesus a DIFFERENT GOD from the Father? If not, please show me chapter and verse where Jesus is identified as being “just one person” of the same God the Father and holy spirit is. Chapter and verse please.

    What is the difference between MODALISM and TRINITARIANISM? (this is not for me, but I figure if the confused sheep on this page hear it from you, they will follow, cus well this is a case of the Blind following the blind so all are falling into the pit!)

    Modalism teaches God is one person, and reveals himself as a Son, a Father and holy spirit. (Like I am a Son to my dad, a Father to my children, and a Husband to my wife. Three modes, one person.) If you teach Jesus is the GREAT JEHOVAH, and you teach the GREAT JEHOVAH is 3 persons, you are technically teaching Modalism as this assumes Jesus is all that Jehovah God is! (3 persons!)

    WAS JESUS THE TRIUNE GOD COME IN FLESH?? or a different God come in flesh??

    If he was the TRIUNE GOD come in Flesh, was he the Father Son and holy spirit unto himself who was in Flesh? If so, you are a MODALIST. Where does the Bible say the FATHER or holy spirit ever came in flesh? Or was Jesus only ONE PERSON OF God come in Flesh… And if so, chapter and verse that articulates such a grand verbose claim! And if so, then Jesus cannot be all that God is, as he was NOT the Father nor the holy spirit! If you are NOT all that God is sir, you are NOT God!

    **The Word GOD is a count noun, that is, a noun one can count.” If this count noun with regard to Jehovah is tri-personal then one cannot use the count noun GOD with reference to just ONE of the tri-personal being, as the COUNT NOUN can only Grammatically point to all three SIMULTANEOUSLY! As well as the fact that you cannot separate PERSON FROM BEING! (Remember the Athanasian creed states all three persons as being God, then boldly declares “There are not three Gods but one God!” So the Creed itself is telling you Jesus is just one person OF this Godhead that the CREED itself invented! How many verses are found in the Athanasian creed? ZERO! Who wrote it? Hint: No one knows.. And you believe this stuff??)

    Remember again sir, you cannot SEPARATE PERSON FROM ESSENCE! In other words, there is no such thing as a floating head! You can’t have Jesus being the YHVH JeHoVaH God apart from the Father and holy spirit at any given millisecond of time! If the count noun GOD, which is a thing, or a what, is 3 separate PERSONS, (which cannot be separated from BEING or essence), then the WHAT, the ESSENCE which is GOD is not just one person, but three. Thus to say Jesus is God by itself is heresy! As it denies that which you seek to defend! Namely that Jesus ALONE is not the One Almighty God, but there are 2 OTHER folk who also are this one God! See if Jesus really IS God, then there is no Trinity as Jesus is just one person. How simple is this?

    Where does the Bible EVER define Jesus as just ONE PERSON OF SOME MADE UP TRI- PERSONAL GOD?” As this is what you ULTIMATELY teach regarding the TYPE of God Jesus is!!! Chapter and verse please…. Sir, your videos expose your hypocrisy. You folks constantly use MODALISTIC arguments disguised as being Trinitarian! Show us all one single verse in the Bible wherein ANYONE EVER SAID or IMPLIED the One Almighty Jehovah God, is 3 persons, and that Jesus is really NOT YHVH JeHoVaH God by HIMSELF, but is just one person of this tri-personal God. Whoo hoo! Trinity is HERESY.


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