In this episode of No Apologies Fra Joseph takes a look at Mary’s Spiritual Maternity. God made Mary the Spiritual Mother of all mankind and He wills that we have recourse to her.

Ave Maria!

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  1. Since Christ is the word made flesh, our Older Brother, the first -Born among the dead; She is the mother of the world ( christian or not).

  2. Would you not say that God is Father of the the whole world despite how some of his children turn away from him? So it is with Mary. She loves all of us, saint and sinner. She prays for the conversion of sinners. Do make yourself beholden to the power of sin by saying that Mary is not the mother of the whole world due to its is sinfulness, because Christ has triumphed over sin and death and seeks to reconcile the whole world to himself. His call is universal (thats the meaning of the word “Catholic” by the way, One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church). All are called.

  3. Im not heading to say what anyone else has already stated, but I do would like to comment in your information of the subject. Youre really well-informed. I cant think how much of the I just wasnt conscious of. Thank you for bringing far more information to this topic for me. Im genuinely grateful and really impressed.

  4. God has revealed Himself to be a person or rather three Divine Persons in One. The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Though God is expressed in 3 persons, He is one. Just as there is one family but multiple persons.

  5. the understanding of God the Creator Heaven and earth and all human beings, means that only one God for all human beings whether they believe in God or not! it applies to Mother Mary too, Mary being the mother of all human beings appointed by our God, Jesus Christ, therefore no matter of the human beings believe in it or not, Mary mother of God is the Spiritual Mother of all human kinds.
    Ave Maria


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