Fr. Barron comments on Misreading Genesis

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  1. Just a question…

    Does the Church believe that there really was a person who fell from grace? or is it to be interpreted that Adam represents every man and his fall is a metaphor of how every one of us (save Mary) is born with concupiscence ?

    • The church has always taught that Adam and Eve represent actual figures with a historical ground. As to whether or not the Genesis story is a literal representation or figurative, that is kind of left up to the individual Catholic. There are many who see both sides of the coin. There are Catholic’s who read it as a literal story, that it took 6 24 hour days etc. Others that read it in a more philosophical way that it is a lesson on theology. There is room fro both. The important part is that we read the lessons that are there, that is more important to a foundation as a historical event, or a synopsis of an event.

    • A man like Fr. Barron is very careful, precise and thoughtful about what he says. One cannot read ideas into or out of what he says. Likewise, one cannot read ideas into or out of what he does not say. That has always been one of the beautiful aspects of the Church. It is necessary to define what God wants defined and it is unwise and fraught with error to try to define what should not be defined because the adding of meaning through purely human decision can introduce something that was not there to begin with. God does not need us to add or take away, even when it would fit more nicely into the nutshells that are our brains.

  2. Hi! He mentions Genesis as a great Humanistic text. What is his definition of Humanism? I often find the word Humanism used as a positive by those that criticise the Church, giving the impression that Humanism is a philosophy inherently against Christianity. Obviously, Fr. Barron disagrees and sees Humanism and Christianity as linked. So, I return to my original question. What is Humanism?


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