Archbishop Fulton Sheen on The Devil

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  1. so enlightening, touching and worth listening to and watching as well. in fact i never noticed that the entire videos was more than 36 minutes. please continue to make videos such as this one and i will be one of those who will spread it by sharing it to all my friends online even though i know some might not want it. but for me, sharing videos like this one is the best thing i can do.

    thanks and more power Archbishop Fulton Sheen. God bless you and all those behind the making of videos and other related materials for faithful like me.

  2. And the devil is so clear to see in So FL, not even subtle. Whew ! I remember watching Bishop Sheen on TV when a youth and they replay his sermons on EWTN. Unfortunately my cable company does not carry EWTN, but they do carry 5 different HBO’s, CNN and CNBC. – I wonder why.

  3. Greetings from Hong Kong.

    I could not read the article from Archbishop Fulton Sheen on The Devil.
    Please assist. Thank you.



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