Fr. Barron on The Lord’s Prayer –

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  1. Love this teaching Fr. Barron, would like to hear how you would respond to my troubling question, Why is it a sin if you are from a divorced family and your other parent is from a different religion and you miss Mass on Sunday, CCD teacher stated and embarrassed my grandson in front of the whole class and told him he had committed a mortal sin. my grandson is not old enough to drive himself to a catholic church when visiting his father who lives in another town, When he is home he is always at church even participates as an altar server. Can you answer this for me. Does not the commandment the Lord’s commandment say You must go to church on Sunday another says Honor your father and mother these boys are with their dad first time in a long time that he has stepped up to the plate and is playing the part of a good dad that I thank the Lord for helping us with this.

  2. Father Barron can you comment on Angelica Zambrano’s testimony. She said in her testimony that she saw our Pope John Paul II in hell.

    • Angelica’s experiences have not been approved by the church and should not be taken as literal truths. We can all be fooled. It’s not uncommon for respected, holy people to have contrasting visions. Test the spirits. She also said that JPII denied the existence of heaven and hell, which is absurd. He taught just the opposite.

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