There are three ways that Christ proved his claims to be divine: By his Personal character, his Wondrous works, and by his Prophecies. Today we begin with his Personal character. Ave Maria!

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  1. What yu say is nice, sounds great, but with out references or quotes, just plain hearsay. Where did jesus say he was God, where in written history is documents supporting his majic, Like catholic church, miracals have to be documented and medically proven. So when yu say things how about justifying your evidence, Quote un quote, ie: where do yu get your facts, Otherwise your words are just hollow sayings, in todays lingo “Hot Air” with no meaningfull support. And in doing so yu mislead folks. Come on your educated person so give out your sources based on your research of time and events. Other words, all yu have is nice sayings, like childrens stories, Puff the Majic Dragon…. Yu might watch some well educated teachers and how they backed up their words of wisdom, JPII, Bishop Sheen, Lonegrin SJ, Cardinal Avrey Dulles SJ. and many more…

  2. Where in scripture? Several places in scripture! Here is one: John 8:58
    Did he mean he is God in that passage? Yes, he was educated and knew exactly what he was saying. The Jews present also knew what he meant because they then wanted to kill him, they threw stones at him and he left. Why such a strong reaction if that is not what he meant?

  3. Christ claim of divinity is the very reason for His persecution. When He said; ‘I will destroy this temple and rebuild it in 3 days’… Who else could have such authority except God?


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