Father Barron on The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist – http://www.wordonfire.org

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  1. Fr. Robert, thank you for your commentary on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist…you gave me the points to consider when talking with non-catholics as well as catholics who question this doctrine.

  2. Thank you, Father, as an Anglican priest, can I say you summed up my belief precisely. it is good to know that this is yet another sacred teaching we hold in common.

  3. okay, i’m a “Thomas” who had trouble believing until this wonderful,down to Earth explaination.Thankypu so much,Father Barron!

  4. Thank you, Father! Talking about the transforming power of Jesus’ words in His miracles and in His Real Presence – John 6 and at the Last Supper was eye opening!!

  5. I have Catholic friends who tell me they’re not supposed to chew the communion host (I guess you swallow it or let it melt in your mouth). But it sounds like they should actually gnaw on it.

  6. A tad over 40 years ago I was taught by the Jospehite Nuns absolutely NOT to chew the host, but rather to keep it on my tongue until it had softened down and then to swallow it, but now listening to this I am wondering if that was incorrect – can you please clarify if biting/chewing is appropriate or if what I had been taught is either permissable or just wrong. Many thanks.

  7. I would really like to know how to spell those two Greek verbs for eating, i.e. the one for normal eating (? fagein) and for gnawing (? trogain) – I want to share this clip with some of my Protestant friends and feel I need to use those to words to preface it to tweek their interest. Many thanks.

  8. This is one of the best, reasoned explanations regarding the true presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist that I have ever heard. What an amazing gift our Lord left for us! A true sign of his deep and everlasting love for us. Thank you, Father Barron!

  9. One of the doctrines I struggled with for years as a convert, finally thru a lecture in my CSS (Catholic Scripture Study) class, I came to believe…this explanation by Fr. Barron is even more compelling and will make it easier for me to explain to others…will be sharing this on FB…thank you and God Bless you, Fr. Barron and everyone at uCatholic.com!

  10. Thank you Father for this wonderful explanation. I will use this video as also other ones you made in my catholic homeschoolgroup.
    Bless you!

  11. “We are what we eat.” The people of God were forbidden to drink the blood of animals because we are not called to be animals. We are called to something higher. With Jesus’ teaching and actions, we understand what that is.

    The ‘not’ chewing is a tradition with a little ‘t’. Many over the years had thought that it is not respectful to chew. My opinion is that to deliberately ‘chew’ or ‘gnaw’ while fully understanding the why and what in remembrance of the words of Jesus–each and every motion can become an act of supreme worship. “My Lord and my God! I offer you all of myself. Replace me with yourself and make of me what you will.”

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