Based on internal and external evidence the Gospels are a reliable and historical account of the life of Jesus.

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  1. Investigations today are coming to conclusive evidence that Mark’s writing (Approximately early 50’s or 60’s) were of crude scribing under Peter, and Johns writing (Late 1st century) more refined of Judeo/Christian writer, were both done by same person, in all probability “Mark John” Peters son and well know historian and Jewish scribe of early Jesus followings. As linquist and modern computers develop language and phonetic ties to early writings the coesion of Mark and Johns writing assure us they come from hand of similar if not same author (person or persons). Additionally Matthew and Luke are well known to be commentaries on early teachings and writings, Also much is being developed today concerning other writings like gospels of Peter and James. the probability of additional writings of times following death of Jesus are very high.

  2. “coming to” … “in all probability” … That is, it’s hypothetical. Somehow, you sound convinced already. Usually a sign of reasoning/interpreting from a desired conclusion.

  3. Um, no. Linguistic experts and computers are still dealing with the same, limited information that they always have dealt with. This is yet another conjecture in source criticism: it is a theory built upon a theory, upon another theory, upon another theory, etc.

    There is nothing conclusive about language studies such as these (because reality actually allows for far too many other explanations which would fit the same analysis).

  4. Thank you Father. I really like your talks, they re-enforce what I have always believed.
    You are a blessing for so many who have never been taught the true teachings of our Church. God Bless You.


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