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  1. The Book of Eccliastes (Quoheleth) was the book that first opened my eyes and heart to the wisdom of the Bible. Thank you for your commentary on it. I don’t often hear it preached on and the insights of Quoheleth just resonate with me I once did an exegesis on this Book, comparing its wisdom with the The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. I found the Wisdom of Quoheleth in Hemingway’s book but it was much darker and did not offer the hope of Quoheleth,. Your ministry has been a key to my faith and understanding of the Bible in the Catholic sense. I have downloaded all your podcasts since 2001. I listened to the very first one yesterday and in it you called it a year long ministry. Thank you for all you do. Love the new series also. with peace and love Cheryl Schalk

    • I believe he correctly addressed the concept behind the banner. How you missed that is way beyond reason.
      Christians need to stay sensitized to the world around them.
      How else would we know when someone is in need?
      I need GOD in my life, and I’m certain he is watching you too.
      Peace and Love my friend.

  2. Once again, Father Barron hits it perfectly. Until you’ve lived a hard life without God. You’ll never really come to know how much easier, a fulfilling life is, once you’ve learned that He is “the Truth and the Light”.

  3. The banner, “There is probably no God…just enjoy life” makes a false assumption. The assumption is that God, or the concept of God as propagated by religion (or their interpretation of religion), is some cosmic killjoy who has set up a whole bunch of rules and regulations to prevent people from enjoying life and to burden people with fear and guilt. That’s not the true God. I don’t believe in the “cosmic killjoy”. I believe in the God Who created us and Who knows best what will keep us healthy, safe and happy and whose rules are for our benefit. Seeking to break the rules, find immediate gratification, and live merely for pleasure does not give us health and does not give us true joy. Knowing the God Who loves us, protect us, provides for us, gives us His Word to guide our lives, who allows suffering but uses it to our ultimate good, and who gives us the privilege of living in a loving relationship with Him that begins here on earth and culminates in eternity in heaven and knowing that this God is with us, walking with us every step of the way–THAT is the way to enjoy life and experience TRUE JOY!

  4. The first thing I noticed when listening to this is how frivolous this man’s arguments are. The “New Atheism” isn’t anything new. Atheism is atheism is atheism is atheism, guys. Having no belief in the religious claims of the theist is all that atheism is. Unintelligent, he says. Precisely the opposite. In order to have no faith in the assertions of the religious, the atheist ( at least, the true atheist) has to look at each and every argument for the existence of god or the validity of any religion and they have to show why the arguments are nonsense. That takes intelligence and the way this man trivializes this is revealing. It indicates that sort of arrogance that religious people sometimes harbor – that without god, you’re an idiot or a fool. It was the fool who had said there is no god, right? Then he moves on to the existentialists and somehow thinks that those are the only good arguments because they align with his view that without god there is no morality. However, time and time again atheists have proven that we can below morality according to the laws of evolution and we have further probed further into the psyche than ever before. If you take a powerful blow to the head, you become a vastly different person, right? We are our brains, not something extraneous like the soul. Finally, we aren’t satisfied when we get what we need because we are reflective creatures. His argument that our desire for god proves the existence of god is silly, too. If I desire to meet a fictional character, that doesn’t prove that the fictional character exists in the real world. He exists merely as an idea. And that is exactly what desiring for god proves. That god is a concept.

    • Oh, hey. It worked. Ignore the spelling errors and unrelated word choice. I am on an iPad and it’s not too kind to me wanting to say important things.

  5. This is a good video. The fierce longing for the divine presence is one that I have battled for the entirety of my life thus far. I will strive to meet God’s grace with an open heart for sure as well as an open mind. I will do the best I can at limiting the sin within my life. I can do this with the grace of the Lord and with discipline. Thanks for posting this video I’m sure it has already saved some souls…


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