Fr. Barron comments on “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” –

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  1. No, Father, please fight hard against the Protestants! They are heretical and need to return the the Church as Catholics!!! Let us all be a resounding trumpet of truth even if it hurts their ears!

    • I think Fr. Barron comments are so on target. As an Anglican (and former Baptist) I have had some very unique experiences with the Catholic Church and love many many things about the Catholic Church (and I’m considering entering the Catholic Church and I’m currently in RCIA). Still if you were to tell me and many other non-catholic Christians that we are heretical we would not listen to you ever. You can stand on truth and you can present your truth in a way that does not have to alienate others. If you hit them to hard and say a Protestant is heretical you will offend them to the point of no return because they love the Lord the same as you and they believe they are doing the right things – the same as you. And I don’t think they’re all going to Hell – for many have the love of God and the Holy Spirit in them as much as many Catholics. You must speak the truth in love and you must focus on the things we have in common and through doing and living life together we then hopefully will come together as one – which was Jesus heart and prayer.

  2. It does not matter what church you belong to. The Catholic church is the one the Jesus himself created, but as long as you are a good person and you believe in the one TRUE God, you will get into heaven. Its just like what my religion teacher Fr. Francis Stodola told my class, “Even if it is a little man on a island all by himself and he has never heard of God or Jesus or religion, as long as he is a good man God will let him into heaven.” THAT is why the man who made that video is right. He does not have to belong to a certain religion to get into heaven.

    • Not what the church teaches at all. The Church teaches of a rightly formed conscious… If you HAVE heard of God and Jesus and what they want from you, and you CHOOSE to turn away, you are denying God. You can be as “good” as you want, but if you are choosing to turn away from the church, then you are not making the right decisions. We at Catholics never condomn anyone to Hell. That is not our place, that is God’s. But, we also never gaurantee anyone Heaven.


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