Fr. Barron Against The YouTube Heresies –

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  1. Wonderful..GOD inspired.very word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!every analogy…….CONGRATULATIONS AND MANY THANKS SPECIALLY ON YOUR OBVIOUS LOVE AND RESPECT TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH

  2. Your observation about earthen vessels reminds me of the remark the Spirit of Christmas Present made to Ebenezer Scrooge: •”There are some upon this earth of yours,” returned the Spirit, “who lay claim to know us, and who do their deeds of passion, pride, ill-will, hatred, envy, bigotry, and selfishness in our name, who are as strange to us and all out kith and kin, as if they had never lived. Remember that, and charge their doings on themselves, not us.”

    • amazing quote. I never really took that story seriously because it was so commercialized. now it has its new and deep meaning for me. thanks!

  3. I agree and this is my thinking also.
    Religion touches on things sciences cannot/fails to do/touch on.
    But religion and science are complementary.
    Truth is far more than just science.
    and as I am a devout believer, in all history
    Catholicism has the truth made flesh:
    Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior; and with us the Holy Spirit and of course Almight God, Our Father.

  4. Coming from a medical student perspective we talk every day as if the human body “wants” to do something, or be a certain way. Whether they believe in a higher power or not, professors must speak as if assuming this to be true. From molecular genetics, where “intelligible” proteins package and ship our DNA, to gross anatomy where a “thought-out” process stuffs our organs in place for the rest of our lives as an embryo–what “says” that these processes “ought” to be done this way? They’re just proteins! They don’t think! They just “do!” All of our physical properties, whether now when we are hungry or going through puberty, or at development, are governed by hundreds of mindless little molecules. We speak as if the sum of all of these enormously complex processes have a mind of their own–how can you?
    Science is amazing, and I’ll spend the rest of my life exploring it–but it can’t tell me “why” it exists this way. This would be the argument of contingency.

  5. Thank you, Fr Barron for your energy and missionary commitment. Evangelisation of non-Christians is also made more challenging because of the influence of many flourishing heresies propagated by Christian sects/cults and “non-denomination” churches which ignore Apostolic Tradition and form their own creeds; in our melthing pot culture, some Catholics are seduced by these too, while others simply embrace a liberal/progressive stance. Technically, in sin, we weaken our communion with the Church, with Christ. There is even a rejection of this ideal of “sin” among so many, which blinds them to the truth of whether they are truly in communion with the Church when in fact, they are no-longer so because of some of these heretical ideas they have “accidentally” espoused. I look at heresy as false or un-Apostolic teachings on the Faith espoused by those who claim to be Catholic Christian primarily, and where these ideas are propagated by other religious faiths or atheist groups, that they are pagan. So, there seems to be both a need for pastoral catechesis for adults within our Church, and the evangelisation of all peoples as our on-going missionary activity. The latter seems weakened by the former it seems. For this reason, I pray for good and inspired pastors, rather than “more vocations”, because that is what the Church needs urgently. The Holy Spirit dwells in you and is aflame in your work; and we know it from the fruit (Gal 5:22-23). Thank you for being so patient, joyful and compassionate in your ministry.

    PS: One other mistaken notion is that that our Faith (Scriptures/Church) has no answer to “suffering” and this is completely false. The Gospel reveal a fresh view of suffering as a consequence of man’s disobedience and Christ showed that in enduring that consequence we must remain faithful to the Gospel and trusting completely in God, and His Ultimate Victory. If the Kingdom of God is wherever His Will is fulfilled, the suffering occurs where His Will is denied. Could you comment and teach on this, too? Thanks, padre!

  6. Even prior to his outstanding series “Catholicism” I sensed that Father Barron had extraordinary insights into the truth and divinity of the Church. Living in the south I am still quite amazed at the misconceptions, false statements and open hatred towards the Catholic Church. My sister was volunteering for the Salvation Army on Christmas day when she mentioned she was Catholic and was actually asked to leave their premises immediately. She said she was there to help the poor and refused to leave. Amazing, yet so typical of the thought pattern against the fullness and truth of the Church by so many ill informed yet decent people. I find Father Barron’s wisdom and patience to be a mark of the goodness of the Church and thank him for his ongoing message of love. Catholics must follow Father Barron’s example and step forward as open defenders of the beauty and truth of the Church. Thank you Father for your unabashed and straightforward stance on the mission and fullness of the true body of Christ here on earth.

  7. In regard to the first heresy – scientism – isn’t there within the discipline of science knowledge of other dimensions beyond what is immediately knowable – like quantum physics, for example. In regard to the last heresy – Biblical fundamentalism – an awful lot of Catholics don’t know how the Church understands scripture. It’s puzzling to me that people think science has the answer to everything when science is so full of mystery. And it’s sad that many Catholics do not know what the Church teaches. I think we have an educational crisis, here.

  8. I would like to add to your four heresies, hedonism, the idea that pleasure is the greatest good and suffering is the greatest evil. This is consistent roadblock to my attempts of evangelization. I would appreciate your thoughts on how to deal with this issue?

  9. Prior to today I only watched your videos when I had a spare moment and found it on FB. From now on I shall look forward to listening to you. What you said today gave me answers I have been looking for and explained them simply so that I could understand them and pass that on to others. I prayed the last few days for wisdom and insight. My prayers were answered by our Father today. Thank you, Fr. Barron, and may God Bless and Keep you.


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