Bishop Matano of Rochester Requested to Postpone Sheen’s Beatification

The Diocese of Rochester in New York confirmed that Bishop Salvatore Matano requested to postpone Fulton Sheen's upcoming beatification.

Debunking Myths And Lies About The Inquisition

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Catholic historian and professor Steve Weidenkopf to tell the real truth about The Inquisition.

Fulton Sheen’s Beatification Postponed at “Request of Few” US Bishops

Originally set for December 21st, Fulton Sheen's beatification has now been postponed at "request of a few members of the Bishop's conference."

No Longer “Satan’s Drink”, Coffee Enters A New Era

Catholicism and coffee have gone hand in hand for centuries. It was Pope Clement VIII who “baptized” coffee after many years of being considered a suspicious drink throughout Christendom.

The Vatican Now Has an Official Minecraft Server You Can Play...

Blending Faith and technology, Father Robert Ballecer created a Vatican Minecraft server he hopes will help others build relationships with one another.

The Only Catholic Priest Ever to Play in a Major League...

The only priest ever to play baseball, Allan Travers played just one game for the Detroit Tigers in 1912 as a strike replacement.

Where Is The Holy Grail?

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys discuss the legends of The Holy Grail and where the real one is today.

The Virgin of Nagasaki: The Statue of Mary That Survived an...

Also known as the Madonna of Nagasaki or the Burnt Virgin, the wooden bust was spared from the destruction of the atomic blast in 1945.

A Lost Cause: Could the Last Catholic King of England Become...

Exiled to France after being deposed by a Protestant coup, could James II, the last Catholic King of England, become a saint?

Blessing your Turkey? And, an Official Prayer for This Thanksgiving

Did you know? Not only is there an official prayer, there is even an official blessing for your turkey on this Thanksgiving!

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