The Institute for the Psychological Sciences teaches a model of psychology that focuses on more than just correcting unhealthy behaviors. Rather, it looks at what helps a person to truly flourish—and part of that is pursuing virtue.

Are you ready to commit yourself to growing in virtue—habits formed over time that help us grow in holiness? You’ll find that living a life of virtue will not only help you flourish in this life, it will help prepare you for the next!

10 Virtues That Lead To Flourishing

  1. Wisdom: Good judgment, knowing right from wrong. This is a steering virtue, drivingus as we learn how to put other virtues into practice.
  2. Justice: Fairness, giving others their due.
  3. Fortitude: Inner toughness that enables us to deal with the difficulties of life.
  4. Temperance: Self-control. Moderation. Controlling our temper. Self-governance.
  5. Love: Going beyond the demands of justice and giving generously to another.
  6. Positive Attitude: Lifting others up, optimism, enthusiasm.
  7. Hard Work: Diligence.
  8. Integrity: Telling the truth to yourself, the opposite of rationalizing your behavior.
  9. Gratitude: The secret of a happy life, counting your blessings every day.
  10. Humility: Driving the quest for character. The desire to be a better person.
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