With Mother Teresa’s canonization happening this weekend, many stories of the saintly virtues of her life are being recalled. But one story, in particular, shows a perfect example of the simple love and small acts that she performed in her saintly life.

in 1987, a 10-year old girl, Liz Muller, wrote Mother Teresa a letter. It was a child’s letter asking Mother Teresa about her life as a Sister of Charity, and included in the envelope were some drawings the child had made for her.

“I had written her a letter asking about her life as a sister. I told her in my letter I was worried because I wasn’t sure I could be a Sister of Charity because they had to cut their hair off” said Muller.

In an example of Mother Teresa doing “small things with great love”, the future saint wrote the child back with a personal letter. In the letter, Mother Teresa thanked her for the drawings and for the child’s prayers and gave amazing simply and beautiful spiritual advice.

“Learn to pray beautifully – pray to Our Blessed Lady to make your little heart pure to love Jesus more each day.” Mother Teresa said in the letter.

The little girl, now grown up, recalling the letter all these years later, said that Mother Teresa’s “beautiful words will follow me all my life!”


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  1. what a wonderful lady helped so many people she is a inspiration for me i often quote mother’s teachings or words to people around me that every human being is born in the image of god and every human being no matter what race colour religion deserves love compassion and understanding .saint mother Teresa please pray for me and the poorest of the poor that you inspiration and teachings leave a legacy for mankind to follow

  2. Blessed Mother Theresa please pray for me and my daughter’s family.help us in our financial needs.help the needy, heal the sick ( shancie illamor), guide and protect the soldiers fighting for their country, the rape victims, give my daughter more working hours the company she is working. Bless us all.amen

  3. Blessed mother Teresa pray for me that I may understand Christ and to see God in everything and to live longer have a happy family and meet my saviour in heaven

  4. My dearest Saint Mother Teresa, please continue to pray for all those that are cast aside by our society’s, for what ever reason. Please pray for me in my times of need and watch over and protect my family. In the name of the Lord I offer this prayer. Amen.

  5. Dear Mother Teresa,
    I have had the opportunity to see you two decades ago on your arrival at the Mumbai Intl. Airport. India.
    At first I was wondering why were people walking out of the departure lounge on the ground floor
    (- the Air India concourse for arrival) leaving space as if there was something in the middle of all of them
    as if they surrounded something that was walking very fast. The scene had quiet reverence and order. And then this crowd approached the area where I was waiting to move further and I purposely pushed into the crowd to see what it was and to my surprise I saw a lady so short and bent as if with a curvature of the spine and walking swiftly though. It was you, Mother Teresa. A scene I will never forget, ever , to have seen a real saint in my life. A real, real , real saint two feet away from me. And that you would be beatified tomorrow by Rome.
    What made me then reflect in awe was that there were decently dressed men and women who were bending on their knees kissing the ground that she had just used as a path to walk by. This happened at the Chattrapathi Shivaji Intl Airport in Mumbai. It is nearing midnight in Mumbai and the saturday eve of her beatification. I will read a book ‘A living Legacy ‘ – Lessons from the life of Saint Teresa to nite till I fall asleep.
    As i type this message on this open forum I am suddenly tear filled and sobbing and I do not know why. I am just sobbing. I am also feeling different all over as if something is really happening to my person. I am not one of those die hard Catholic or Born Again individuals , more a man of the world given in to the subtle nuances of saturday night parties and poolside frivolity. But what is taking place right now is something I do not know….what!!!!! Mother Teresa is there a message you want to give me. I am ready to be converted to your ideology within the ambit of my business activity and would need you to affect it. Give me the courage and the chutzpah and the convenience to be able to do what you want me to do in His name. By myself it will be a chore.

  6. Dear Mother, Saint and Angel of God. I am so horribly despicable in the eyes of God
    Sinful and sorrowful. Pray that I may be pure of heart and see Jesus in all people that I meet. Amen.


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