You don’t often think about Wall Street and the Holy Father in the same breath–at least I don’t. But, financial success and holiness can go hand in hand, especially when they are directed at the greater good of serving God and serving others.

The Human Ecology Conference, sponsored by the Napa Institute and the Catholic University of America, shares the wisdom of three incredible Popes when it comes to how we do business.

If you’re involved in the world of business and also desire to further the common good, here is a little advice from men who know what they’re talking about:

Pope Leo XIII: Rerum Novarum
Pope Leo wrote that the Church’s desire is that the poor should rise above poverty and they should better their condition in life. He believes that this promotion is by pursuing virtue.

Pope St. John Paul II: Centesimus Annus
Saint John Paul II notes that the poor are right to ask for a share in the material goods of the society and to make good use for their capacity to work. He notes that in order for this to be the case, certain economic conditions as well as political stability are required for human beings to make good use of their own labor.

Pope Francis: Laudato Si
The Holy Father tells us that business is a vocation and a noble one, it is a vocation provided by God so that each person would be challenged by a greater meaning in life to serve the common good, by striving to increase the goods of this world and making them more accessible to all. In Laudato Si, our Holy Father also examines corporate social responsibility for the common good of an “integral ecology” and the “care for our common home.”

The Human Ecology Conference is a unique opportunity to learn from an incredible lineup of speakers what Catholic Social Teaching has to teach us about building a just and flourishing society. 


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