We know, it’s already the middle of Lent and you’ve probably already committed to your Lenten sacrifices. But, according to the experts from The Choice Wine: 7 Steps To A Superabundant Marriage, these are three things you’ll definitely want to give up, regardless of the season.


All three sacrifices have something in common: they ask you to think a little less about what is “mine” and more about how you can make a gift of yourself, in your marriage, to God and to your community. Once you’ve gotten rid of these habits, you won’t miss them AND they’ll strengthen your marriage.

Along with your spouse, commit to giving up:

  • Concentrating on how marriage benefits you instead of how you can love your spouse.
  • Thinking of money as solely yours and instead realize that you are stewards of money, called to use it in a way that helps your family and others flourish.
  • Planning only for your life here on earth and instead set your mind on the things above, realizing that God has a plan for your marriage, which is ultimately to lead you both to Heaven.

Learn more about 7 steps you and your spouse can take to a more joyful, superabundant marriage in a new book based in faith, science and proven studies by The Choice Wine’s Steve Bollman.

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