When the Institute for the Psychological Sciences started an online M.S. in Psychology program, they were responding to a need expressed by Catholics across the country (and even across the world).


These men and women wanted to take the next step in their career or ministry and delve more deeply into an understanding of Psychology that was rooted in their faith. Here are just a few advantages that students have found about the online learning environment at IPS:

  • Flexibility: Students enter their online classroom at anytime of day–before work or after, during the workweek or on the weekends.
  • Access to a Great Faculty: Online learning environments facilitate learning from psychology experts, regardless of location.
  • Intuitive Online Learning Platform: Within this easy to use interface, students interact with professors and each other, access course material, turn in assignments and build community.
  • No Commute! Many students are pursuing this degree alongside full-time work or ministry. The lack of commute makes it even easier to schedule dedicated time to study.

Interested in delving deeper into Psychology, integrated with a Catholic understanding of the human person? Check out IPS’s online M.S. in Psychology!

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