In his apostolic letter “Patris Corde” (which in Latin means “With a Father’s Heart”), Pope Francis urges the faithful to imitate the virtues of St. Joseph. He describes St. Joseph as an exemplar for fathers everywhere, one who protected the Holy Family and thus became “a minister of salvation” for all.

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the declaration of St. Joseph as the universal patron of the Catholic Church, is streaming “St. Joseph Summit: Model of Manhood and Fatherhood.” is a 100% FREE Catholic streaming platform designed especially for men who want to discover (or rediscover) the truth, beauty and goodness of the Catholic faith. To fulfill its mission to help fathers everywhere become servant leaders for their families, living with integrity and boldness, offers hundreds of feature-length films, TV shows, documentaries and short films, many of which focus on the virtues exemplified by St. Joseph.

We asked to tell us which of their films, documentaries, eBooks or podcasts could help men today become more like St. Joseph. They were happy to help! Below, we’ve outlined five virtues men should adopt to become more like St. Joseph, and paired with those virtues are suggestions from on what to watch or listen to for further learning.

1. Patience
St. Joseph, the “Mirror of Patience,” endured a life of hard labor and poverty. No matter what state of life we are in, living in this world is a test of our endurance and our patience. We see outrage (the opposite of patience) in many media stories and often find it difficult to remain patient at home with our own families.

To hear more about the value of patience as the path to seeing God’s work in your life, stream the podcast “Patience!” — one of the “Pandemic Episodes” from The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

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2. Silence
The Bible records no words spoken by St. Joseph and for this reason he is known as the silent protector of the Holy Family. Social media tempts fathers everywhere to publicize the good deeds they do for their families. St. Joseph is a perfect model of a father who quietly offered up his actions for the protection and sanctification of his family.

Click here to watch “Fighting for Silence” on

3. Purity
Known as “The Guardian of Virgins” and the “Most Chaste Spouse” of Mary, St. Joseph is the model of purity for husbands and fathers. The world assaults men (and women) with temptations for impurity. The disastrous effects of the sex industry have taken their toll on our country, our culture and families everywhere. Men of the 21st century need to turn to St. Joseph more than ever!

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4. Fatherhood
One of the most important spiritual principles in the life of every father is that your path to sainthood begins in your own home with your own family. God has chosen to put your family members in your life for your edification. They will help you build the virtue of patience and they will lead you to turn to God in prayer! Spending time in silent prayer with God will open you to His will and He will help you become a good father.

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5. Forgiveness
St. Joseph is depicted as a just and forgiving man. When Mary, his betrothed, revealed that she was pregnant, he did not expose her to be condemned according to the law. In a world that thrives on publicly accusing people of wrongdoing, St. Joseph is a reminder that we do not have to take this path.

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All of the content on is designed to inspire men to live out their heavenly mission. Donors have enabled this vast amount of Catholic content to be offered 100% free of charge.

New this month: has curated a special “Year of St. Joseph” playlist, featuring dozens of titles all about St. Joseph. Check it out here >>

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