It’s important to show proper reverence for Mass!

Besides fasting, how are you preparing to best receive the Eucharist?

Saint John Bosco, the “Father and Teacher of Youth,” suggested six resolutions for Mass-goers:

1. Try to be early for Mass always. A few minutes spent in
before Mass can open your soul to wonderful Graces.

2. When you enter or leave the church take Holy Water
and sign yourself with the Sign of the Cross.

3. Always genuflect when you enter or leave your seat.
This is an Act of Adoration to Almighty God, present in
the tabernacle. So take time to genuflect reverently,
facing the altar and saying “My Lord and My God” as
your right knee touches the floor.

4. Don’t talk in church unless absolutely necessary. Talk
only to Jesus – it is Him you have come to visit. Don’t
talk as you leave either. Some people may still be

5. Listen to the sermon. It is a message from God which
could bear much fruit for you.

6. Don’t start to leave church until the priest has returned to
the Sacristy. Stay to thank God for the Graces you
received from Him in the Mass.

With his suggestions, Bosco added a reminder that “every day we take a step closer to Heaven, that every act should be for the greater glory of God and that every morning we should renew our resolve to work for the Salvation of souls.”

🙏 Saint John Bosco, pray for us!

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