A New Frassati? The Inspiring Life of Joe Reali


Joe Reali (January 28, 1989 – January 16, 2015) was a dynamic young man whose passion was evident on both the football field and in his Catholic faith. After his sudden death in 2015, thousands turned out for his wake and funeral, where they shared stories about Joe’s sacrificial love for others and his care for the downtrodden.

Many people have compared Joe’s vigorous and selfless life to another young man who died too young, Pier Giorgio Frassati. Both had infectious joy, energy, and love for Christ.

Today, the legacy of this devout and fun-loving young man lives on in Long Island’s Joseph Mario Reali Council 16261.

The Knights of Columbus have released a new series that focus on the heroic actions of everyday people titled “Everyday Heroes“. Fittingly, Joe Reali was highlighted in Episode 1 of the series. Watch his episode, “Not Your Average Joe” now.


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  1. They are gifts from God, so very often, given to us for so short a time, to touch, inspire & move us to deeper faith. Start a prayer guild & develop a prayer asking for the acknowledgement of his heroic virtue & the first step towards being named venerable…


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