Advent is such a beautiful time to slow down and marvel at the wonder of God’s love. Here are some Advent activities for serving others in a Christ-like manner, while still maintaining peace in your heart and home:

Serve in the home! 

Baking cookies with grandchildren while their parents shop for gifts is a great Advent activity, plus it provides lasting memories for kids. If you struggle with mobility, consider asking a teenager (grandchild or even a family friend) to help you keep tiny hands away from hot stoves. 

Choose to focus on one theme or group. 

There are so many opportunities for service projects during Advent (thank God!) but that can feel overwhelming. Try picking one cause that matters to you. Are you worried that young children may not have presents? Are you concerned that older homeless men and women lack appropriate winter clothing? Concerned that the elderly may be lonely this time of year? Choose one thing that matters to you and just focus on that. You will be more effective with your service project if are focused and present in the moment. 

Be an “angel” to a priest or religious.

Those living a consecrated life in service to the Church may not be able to see their own families over the holidays. Ask them if they have a place to eat Christmas dinner, or have access to a phone with video chat. We tend to assume everyone has a smart phone and laptop, but many religious have taken vows of poverty and may not have the technology you do. Ask if they would like to use your device to video chat with loved ones.

Join the #OnAMission movement.

Christians everywhere are joining together to serve as missionaries for the Advent season in their homes and communities. #OnAMission is sponsored by Trinity Missions, a Catholic religious order serving the poor and vulnerable here in America as well as abroad. Serving others helps us to humble ourselves before the Lord, which is really the purpose of preparing for Christmas!

To join the #OnAMission movement, sign up here and receive weekly emails from missionary priests and Brothers, who share tips and ideas to help you incorporate service projects throughout the season of Advent. Celebrate with and learn from others, just like you, who are also #OnAMission with our exclusive Facebook group. It’s a fun and meaningful way to celebrate Advent.

May your Advent be blessed, peaceful, and full of service to God and His people.

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