When Jessica Andrews, a 22-year-old photographer, spotted a polar bear walking around an island just outside her window in a small coastal community in Newfoundland, she was “amazed”, grabbed her camera and begun taking pictures as the large animal moved up a hill to a white cross perched on top of the barren island.

In her pictures, she caught the amazing moment when the bear stood up and put a paw on the cross, then squatted down and looked and appeared to start praying in front of the Cross.

Andrews says she didn’t notice it until she was going through the photos, exclaiming, “He’s praying!’”

Andrews snapped more than 200 pictures of the polar bear, including the one that has now become a hit on social media. Her album had been shared 600 times on Facebook as of midday Thursday.

“When I edited them, I saw after that he was by the cross. This is the one that people were commenting on and saying that, ‘He’s praying,'” she said.

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  1. Bear: Dear God, forgive these humans for they don’t learn from what they are doing. They have cause global warming and melted the ice. Now my companions are drowning and few of us are left already.


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