Earlier this month, reports claimed former-Cardinal Becciu wired money stolen from Vatican funds to Australian accounts during Cardinal Pell’s trial as a bribe for witness testimony.

When he was first accused, Becciu denied the reports, saying “I categorically deny interfering in any way in the trial of Cardinal Pell.”

On Saturday Becciu, again, denied any interference in Pell’s trial in a statement issued through his lawyer Fabio Viglione.

“Regarding the everlasting attention of some journalists to Cardinal Pell’s trial, [He] is compelled to reiterate vigorously that he has never interfered with it in any way whatsoever.”

Becciu’s lawyer said he may seek “legal recourse” to “protect and defend his honor, so gravely damaged” against certain news organizations for reporting “an alleged, albeit non existent activity to taint the evidence of Cardinal Pell’s trial.”

Since at least 2018, Becciu has been the focal point of a criminal investigation into a web of finance crime involving investments and transactions during his time as “chief of staff” to Pope Francis that found “serious indications of embezzlement, fraud, abuse of office, money laundering and self-money laundering.”

Becciu was recently “fired” from his position at the Vatican, after giving his resignation to Pope Francis late last September.

A woman was also recently arrested in connection to the investigation into Becciu, awaiting extradition to the Vatican on charges of embezzlement and misappropriation after receiving over half a million dollars from Becciu’s office and spending it on luxury brands like Chanel, Prada, & Valentino.

It is believed Becciu will soon face criminal charges for crimes uncovered by the Vatican’s criminal investigators.

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  1. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”
    (Queen Gertrude, Hamlet)

    Same old, since 1616, the death of Shakespeare. He’d met them all.

    • Who is likely paying this lawyer fee to defend Becciu?! I would tend to believe an objective third party who is not being paid at all, by the Vatican or any Italian/Swiss Banks with funds concealed from prying eyes. Line the brothers up for interrogation and none will admit to any wrongdoing. No villain in the history Classic Literature thinks of himself as a bad guy. Becciu will never admit anything. He needs only to be punished for the crimes as they come to light. Never debate the devil. Colossal waste of time.


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