When online dating emerged on the scene, people doubted whether it could be successful. Now, its an integral part of the path to marriage for many people, including a number of Catholics. Thanks to apostolates like CatholicMarriagePrep.com, couples can not only meet online, they also can prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage.

Far from an impersonal or uninspiring alternative to live marriage preparation, online marriage “Pre-Cana”, by its very nature, has the opportunity to offer more to couples seeking to learn more about the Sacrament and to draw closer to Christ and one another.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the flexibility. With a flexible online format, couples who are long-distance, or just have conflicting demanding schedules, can complete marriage preparation when they actually have the time to focus on it. The real benefit? Couples have the time and space to reflect on their relationship and what they’re learning, hopefully resulting in a stronger future marriage.

One couple shared, “We appreciated most the conversations that we had while discussing the questionnaires and the lesson about forgiveness, because it showed us a different side of loving and caring in a marriage relationship.”

These conversations are backed by rich content based in the Theology of the Body that reveals the beauty of God’s plan for marriage. The course examines the foundations of marriage, the Church’s teaching on the purpose of marriage as well as a myriad of practical issues that married couples face.

One male participant said, “It gave us a structure and way of having discussions about these issues and jointly reinforcing the purpose of marriage and everything that goes with it. It allowed us to challenge our thoughts and behaviors in a constructive manner.”

What is truly surprising for people to find out about CatholicMarriagePrep.com is that this online instruction is actually so personal. This is possible because each and every couple that signs up for the program is assigned a married mentor couple. As much as possible, the mentor couple is chosen for things they might share in common with the engaged couple, such as being active in the military, having entered a second marriage or any number of other challenges.

In fact, it is the relationship with a mentor couple that seems to make the most impact on engaged couples. Participants can’t say enough about the benefits of a couple who have seen the joys and trials of marriage helping them through the course and sharing so openly about their own relationship.

If marriage preparation is actually geared at bringing couples closer to Christ and to one another, then an online format might just be the way to go.

For more information, check out www.catholicmarriageprep.com


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