A little over a month ago, Cardinal Burke was diagnosed with COVID-19, placed on a ventilator near-death, and then recovered to “serious, but stable” condition.

Writing a “Letter to Those Who are Praying for Me,” Cardinal Burke provided an update on his recovery and said it would “several more weeks” before he can return to his normal activities.

“Thanking you once again, with all my heart, for your faithful and generous prayers for the recovery of my health, I write to update you on the progress of my rehabilitation.”

Cardinal Burke said he was discharged on September 3rd, and has been living near his family while his recovery is “steady but slow.”

“In thanking you, I thank, above all, Our Lord, who, in answer to your prayers, has preserved me in life. I thank, too, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and all the Saints through whose intercession you have offered and are offering prayers for me. For my part, I am trying to grow in patience. My principal challenges, at the present, are regaining certain fundamental physical skills needed for my daily living, and overcoming a general fatigue and difficulty in breathing, which are typical for those who have suffered the contagion of the Covid-19 virus.”

Thanking God for his recovery, Burke asked that we “continue to pray for my full recovery” and said that “each day I offer my prayers and sufferings for your many intentions.”

Catholic Healthcare International also released a video of Cardinal Burke praying the Efficacious Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus so you can pray with him.

“Please pray daily with Cardinal Burke.
This video was recorded recently with plans to use it for a future event. With Cardinal Burke’s current critical need for urgent prayer, we decided to share it immediately.
Cardinal Burke has a strong devotion to the Sacred Heart.
Thank you and may God bless and heal our dear Cardinal Burke!”

Let us pray for Cardinal Burke!

Pray Pope Francis’ pandemic prayer here!

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