Perhaps no act is more beautiful, giving, and pro-life than choosing to adopt a child. Because November is National Adoption Month, it seemed appropriate to highlight a family who’s doing just that.

Adoption is beautiful, but it doesn’t come without its fair share of hurdles to clear, including personal, spiritual, and financial. It is a long and difficult road that requires persistence, assistance, and prayers. But for one Catholic family from Texas, the journey to adopt is getting a huge boost from the Internet, helping make it possible.

Jordan and Joanna W., already adoptive parents to 4 year-old Judah, are using ingenuity and an amazing Internet campaign that is generating widespread interest to help clear the final hurdles to adopt again. But they need your prayers and your help to reach the ultimate goal.


“Prayer is what’s sustained us through this adoption process,” says Jordan. “Friends, family – even strangers – have flooded heaven with prayers for us. We have also relied on the help of others to overcome the financial challenges of adoption. The rate for most adoption agencies these days is anywhere from $30,000 – $50,000 or more. We don’t have that kind of money, so we’ve spent the better part of this past year fundraising. And, thanks be to God, we’re just a few thousand dollars away from reaching our goal!”

When faced with this financial challenge, Jordan and Joanna used their skills and creativity to help make it happen. The couple works at Fuzati, a Catholic marketing agency that assists Religious Orders and Apostolates in spreading their message to the world using modern marketing techniques and technology. Drawing on this experience, they began the long journey to reach their fundraising goals.

They employed a variety of creative ideas and methods.

“For the first six months or so, we focused our time on blogging and posting to social media,” said Jordan. “We simply shared our story and our need, and several folks prayed for us and donated. Earlier in the fall, we did two events to raise awareness and funds: a giant rummage sale and a BBQ dinner. Those two events, coupled with our earlier efforts, money from family members and personal savings, raised just over half of our goal. We began a puzzle fundraiser in late October, in which donors can sponsor pieces of a 500-piece puzzle for $30 a piece. Each piece contains the name of a donor. Our goal was to ‘sell’ every piece of the puzzle and, so far, folks have sponsored more than 350 pieces!”

For Jordan and Joanna, having children was always their dream, but they came to learn the devastating reality that having biological children would not be possible.

“We felt crushed,” said Jordan. “For Joanna, in particular, being a mother was a dream of hers since childhood. Suddenly coming to the realization that that might not happen, it really rocked her to the core. We questioned God’s goodness…a lot.”

But when faced with such crushing news, Jordan and Joanna drew on their Catholic faith for solace and strength.

img_2272-jpg“Being Catholic led us to adoption,” said Jordan. “Joanna and I both come from large families, and we always dreamed of having a large family of our own. After trying to conceive during our first few years of marriage, and coming to grips with the fact that we were infertile, we began seeking the help of fertility specialists. They all suggested treatments that weren’t compatible with our Catholic Faith. Out of the blue, we learned about a baby in need of adoptive parents, and we jumped at the chance. It was the best decision we ever made, as it led us to our son, Judah. So, in many ways, it was our faithfulness to Church teaching that ultimately led us to adoption.”

Joanna found true fulfillment and joy in adopting Judah.

“Adoption has allowed us to realize our dream of becoming parents,” she said. “It’s also healing the wounds caused by infertility. The scars remain, but the wounds are healing nonetheless. Our journey toward parenthood has been a bittersweet one. Because of the bitterness of infertility, the sweetness and joy of parenthood has been that much more pronounced for us.”

And that joy is about to double in size as Jordan and Joanna just found out they were matched with a child, who will arrive before the end of the year.

unnamedFor one final push to reach their goal before their new baby arrives, Jordan and Joanna are launching their final fundraiser: a t-shirt booster campaign.

“The t-shirt was designed by the super-talented David Calavitta, Life Teen’s Creative Director,” said Jordan. “It says, ‘Thy Will Be Done,’ which we feel really captures our journey toward adoption.”

T-shirts start at $20 a piece and come in all sizes, including children’s and infant sizes.

To get your shirt, and to help Jordan and Joanna bring their new baby home, click here.

To read more about Jordan and Joanna’s story, visit their website:

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