In scripture and in the lives of the saints, you see time and time again Holy men leaving the distractions of the world to seek God in the wilds of the forsaken deserts. From the wanderings of the Israelites to the Old Testament Prophets, Saint John the Baptist, The Desert Fathers, and even Our Lord himself, holy men have always sought the silence and raw, gritty solitude of the wastelands to find their path in life.

But in today’s world, men are often lost in a different kind of desert. These are not the purifying, hard, and primally alive desert of the prophets, but the spiritually dry and life-draining deserts of modern spiritual malaise.

In centuries past, strong, principled, and disciplined men have guided The Church, their families, and society through the raging storms of the ages. By their virtues, they were able to forge institutions and values that stand the test of time.

But now, in the face of church scandals, decaying societal values, and broken families, all too many men have retreated from roles of service and leadership into the soft and complacent deserts of comfort and indifference. Men have retreated into their own personal deserts while the world around them collapses. They have settled for less and less and made concession after concession to what the world says a modern man should be.

Technology, media, pornography, societal pressure, laziness, poor diet, and apathy has left behind soft men when the Church and the world need strong men.

Men, aren’t you ready for more? Aren’t you ready to be who God intended you to be? Aren’t you ready to be a leader, protector, and strong man of God?

MEN. This is a call to YOU. If you are reading this, now is not the time to stay hidden in your personal desert. Now is the time to lead yourself and others out in a new Exodus.

uCatholic is inviting every man who is ready for more to join us in a 90-day spiritual exercise for men called Exodus 90.

Exodus 90 is an intense, difficult, and invigorating spiritual exercise to prepare men to renew the Church, their families, society, and themselves. It is built on prayer, brotherhood, and asceticism.

During these 90-days, you will break yourself from the comfort and weakness you have settled into. You will change what you watch on TV. You will change what music you listen to. You will break the dependency on your phone. You will begin to exercise. You will give up unhealthy foods and drinks. You will change how you manage your spending. You will change how you sleep. With Exodus 90, you will change all those things that are keeping you lost in your modern, masculinity-draining desert, and emerge as a new man ready to confront the challenges of this world head-on.

But you will not be alone. Exodus 90 is about brotherhood and fraternity. This challenge is meant to be taken with a band of 5-7 brothers who will journey with you. Thousands of men across the world will begin Exodus 90 on January 21, 2019. Will you?

Are you ready for more?

Join the Exodus 90 waitlist here, and you will be immediately notified of all the details and how you can begin to change your life on January 21, 2019.

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  1. This is a great article and I pray that men will join it. We have a “Men’s Group,” but, we need to talk about the tough issues that affect men and the evil cultures that surround us.. We are called to serve God and his Church as the spiritual head of our households. We, men, need each other and the Church to emerge as spiritual giants and servants of God. so men, GO FOR IT, GO FOR IT, GO FOR IT…..


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