Viterbo University says their “commitment to upholding the gospel understanding of the sacredness of all human life” is what makes them Catholic.

However, they recently announced they will be “significantly curtailing” the activities of the pro-life student club “V-Hawks for Life.”

Laura Nettles, Executive Director for Mission and Social Justice at Viterbo University and a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration, said in a new employee convocation meeting last week:

“We are significantly curtailing their activities. What they can do, what they can’t do. They actually have to jump through a lot of hoops to be able to do what they do.”

She added that in addition to restricting certain pro-life activities they must follow the “rules.”

Sister Laura Nettles. Photo credit: Viterbo University, Fair use

Nettles also said a student approached her about forming a “Students for Choice” club, but she couldn’t permit the “pro-choice” name because it is a “is a trigger against the Catholic church.”

“I would love to say yes to the club, but I asked him if he would be willing to consider a different name like a ‘Health Club’ or ‘Reproductive Rights’ club. What the student described he wanted to do in the club was to really advocate for women’s rights in healthcare to which I said, ‘amen’ to. So the question was whether he would be willing to think of a different title for it but do much of the same work.

She elaborated that the “work” of this club “might be supporting access to abortions as a right.”

Do you agree with Sister Nettles and Viterbo University?

🙏 Pray for the unborn!

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  1. I thought that this was a gag, as the author could not possibly be describing a Catholic University and a “Sister Laura Nettles.”

    Unfortunately, Viterbo U is a real place. It should NOT be allowed to call itself “Catholic.”

    • What’s even worse is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many so called “Catholic” universities in our country who in our country who are allowing the advancement of values that none of us would call Catholic. The time is here when we must all stand up and speak out against these silly policies. Otherwise, we run the risk of becoming just another protestant church.

  2. Follow the science.

    Every human life begins at conception.

    That is where the discussion on procured abortion should begin and end.

    All innocent human beings should receive equal protection of our laws.

  3. Count the chromosomes. If you dissect a 2 cell zygote you have a HUMAN, not a potato! And those who have visited Heaven have seen the aborted babies and they will testify when their mothers are judged. Meanwhile the Knights of Columbus are beginning programs to provide assistance to women who would have an abortion for economic or other means, and for care of the unwanted babies. THAT is a proactive stance that finally goes beyond marching in streets with signs and disturbing the peace! Let us leave judgement to Christ and work here to help the mothers and their babies.

  4. This is part of the problem. Let’s just let people do the wrong thing by allowing them to use a technicality. If the person wants to have a pro choice group they should go to any university other than a Catholic one. You chose to go somewhere whose beliefs you know don’t mesh with yours. As for the Sister, she should be reprimanded at the very least.


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