Usain Bolt, the olympian from Jamaica, is known as the world’s fastest man and he has the world records and the Olympic Gold medals to prove it. Bolt won 3 Gold Medals in London in 2008, 3 more in Beijing in 2012, and is currently competing in Rio.

But one medal you will see Bolt consistently wearing is the “Miraculous Medal”.

Bolt, who’s middle name is “St. Leo”, is a devout Catholic and is known for making the sign of the cross before racing. Additionally, he has been invited to speak at the Vatican and being often seen wearing his miraculous medal around his neck even during races.

For those who don’t know about it, “The Miraculous Medal” is a Catholic devotional medal, given to Saint Catherine Laboure in a vision in 1830. The medal, said to be designed by Our Lady herself, bears the words, “O Mary! conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!” over an image ov Mary standing upon  a half globe, hands raised up to her waist, fingers giving off rays of light.

On the reverse side of the medal are twelve stars encircling a large “M” from which arises a cross. Below are two hearts with flames arising from them. Thorns encircle one heart and a sword pierces the other.

In the vision, Our Lady promised that “those who wear it will receive great graces, especially if they wear it around the neck.”

Usain Bolt has already won one Gold medal at the Rio games in the Men’s 100m. He will also be looking for gold in the Men’s 200m.


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    • No, it is not. Eastern Catholics do it reversed. He may have just been taught wrong or he was raised in the Eastern tradition.

      And where does it ever say that he joined the lodge? The ring could be just something he bought and didn’t know what it actually meant. Folks wear rings with odd symbols on them all the time and they mean nothing. You need to be careful when you’re throwing accusations around.

      • Sorry I didn’t know some traditions have a different sequence for the sign of the Cross. This plus the ring made me think suspiciously. That’s why I asked.

  1. i have nothing to show you how much i believe what you do in the Olympic.I am sinner dad and poor life no work for $$ but i enjoying going to mass 7days.I stay nxt door to St Patrick’s St Joseph Catherdral at auckland…

  2. Please check the facts. Has he ever stated he’s Catholic plus in Jamaica the sign of the cross is using right hand, forehead, torso, left shoulder then right shoulder. What he does doesn’t reflect local Catholic practices. Love Usain and would be happy to name him among the Catholic faithful. The use of a St. in front of a middle name is common in non Catholic Christian naming tradition at a child’s christening.

    • ask a priest or a little shop located inside a church selling religious items. There are in silver (90% of time) there are golden also…It does not cost a lot. Even if it is not there a priest could easily get one for you


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