There is no place God won’t go to reach you.

An empty tomb can feel like a strange place to be during the Christmas season. Sometimes life makes what should be the most wonderful time of the year the most weary and wounded time of the year.

The darkness sets in on a cold winter night like the sealing of a tomb. In these places we can feel utterly unreachable. We try our best to smile and push through, but in the middle of the parties and the pleasantries we feel like a million miles from joy.

Grace always goes beyond the pleasant. It will travel to your dark and frail places and is never wearied by the miles. It does not settle for the easy and well-traveled road. When we are afraid of getting hurt, of losing sleep, of making a fuss Grace never is. Grace makes a fuss over us, because there is no place God won’t go to reach you.

He traces your steps, the lines on your face, the wrong turns and the tosses and turns, and He loves you to death. Every foxhole, every refugee camp, every broken relationship, every broken heart can be full of Grace because God is always there.

The Emmanuel loves us to enough to follow us wherever we go. When we are overwhelmed by our mistakes and when we can’t save face, He saves us. There is no path He won’t take to find you, even if the path is uphill and bound for the cross. His goodness chases after you. In the end, God followed you into a tomb so that you could follow him into Eternal life. This is the promise. No matter where you, God is with you. There is no place God won’t go to reach you.

Marie Miller is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN. Her most notable performance was performing for Pope Francis and 750,000 attendees in Philadelphia, PA.


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