What a beautiful time of year to think about the beauty and goodness of light!

As we drive in the darkness of night this season, we often see light in the form of festive Christmas decorations that adorn homes and buildings of all kinds.

We see the beauty of light in the darkness – very literally.

And that beauty is only a glimpse of the loveliness that is God!

“God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all.”

But here, in this life and place, we know there is much darkness.

It’s difficult to see in the dark.  Often, in our human weakness and vulnerability, we do not see God’s light.

God’s will for us is not always as clear as those twinkly holiday lights.  However, our cooperation with God’s will is the ultimate protection for our souls.  God’s will for us is not always easy, clear or convenient.

I cannot imagine what went through St. Joseph’s mind when he realized he had to pick up and move to an entirely different country for an unknown amount of time and do so immediately.

No time to prepare.  Not time to plan. No time to feel in control of the situation.

Yet, St. Joseph cooperated with God’s will and as a result, kept his family safe.

I imagine that St. Joseph was able to see God’s will clearly in this situation because, by this time, he had a good amount of practice in trusting the Lord when it wasn’t so convenient.

Mary’s pregnant.  It’s not yours. Marry her anyway. Trust me. Mary’s due anytime now. There’s no room at any inns.  Keep trusting me.

And now, move.  Move to another country – immediately.

How often do we resist God’s will because it feels inconvenient? What darkness is the Lord asking us to leave behind without hesitation? How can we follow the example of St. Joseph’s obedience to God today?

Amy Brooks is the Founder of CatholicsOnline.net and PrayerWineChocolate.com as well as the author of “Be Yourself: A Catholic Journal for Girls”.

You can follow her on Instagram at PrayerWineChocolate or on Facebook at Prayer Wine Chocolate!


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