Ahead of World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland, a video a dancing Polish nuns has gone viral.

Nuns from the same order as Saint Faustina Kowalska can be seen setting up an image of The Divine Mercy of Jesus on a beach and performing a joyful, coordinated dance around it.

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  1. Absolutely made my WEEK!!!! WTG Sisters!!! So many people forget that we all have that Spirit of Joy, when we love our God…these classy Ladies just woke up the WORLD, and reminded them of that! I hope and pray that WYD is held in Poland EVERY YEAR…Yippee!

  2. How amazing is this ! Dancing with & for The Lord ! If you look close Jesus is dancing with these Joyful Nuns. Let us pray that the love, peace & joy they generate will be present in our hearts ,our homes, our families, our lives & our world… Amen

  3. This goes to show that the nuns can still have joyful fun in the Lord and expressed in joyful dancing. WOW!!!!!!!!!

  4. I do hope everyone who witness this beautiful way of praising Jesus will follow Him. A really happy dance which I am sure Our Lord approves of! Our Faith is a Happy Sincere and Deep Faith. Really Proud to be part of it.


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