Do we know Jesus’ blood type?

An amazing “coincidence” between Eucharistic miracles and relics from the life of Jesus Christ suggests that we might.

In the 8th century, a Basilian priest in Lanciano, Italy who was doubting the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist was offering Mass when the Eucharist miraculously turned into natural flesh and blood. You can still see the non-decomposing flesh and blood in the Church of San Francesco today.

In the 1970s and ’80s, some of the flesh and blood from this miracle were studied by scientists, who, among other things, found the blood was AB.

Interesting, right?

In the 13th century (500 years after the miracle of Lanciano), another priest who was doubting the truth of the real presence also experienced a Eucharistic miracle: the host started bleeding all over his corporal (a cloth used in the liturgy). You can still see the cloth on display in the Cathedral of Orvieto.

Scientific testing of this cloth in the mid-’90s showed that the blood was AB as well.

The AB blood type has also apparently been found on the Shroud of Turin. There are even reports that blood taken from some weeping statues of Mary have the AB blood type.

Now, it’s possible that these miracles and relics are not authentic and the fact they have AB blood type is just a coincidence. But the odds are strongly against it: the percentage of the population that has AB blood type is in the single digits. And remember, blood types were only discovered in the early 20th century, long before most of these miracles happened and these relics surfaced – meaning that anyone trying to forge them would not have even known about blood type as something to “get right.”

Which makes it much more likely that these miracles and relics, separated by centuries and long before the Scientific Revolution, are in fact authentic.

Which would make Jesus’ blood type AB.

Do you know your blood type? Do you have the same as Jesus’ (according to these miracles)?

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  1. You need to change your wording to say “long AFTER” not long before. Or reword the sentence to say the miracles happened long before. I want to share this article, but right now, the wording doesn’t make sense.

  2. This is a very striking result when we consider the effects of blood type on transfusions. If one were to guess, on the basis of the usual sentimental portraits, what His blood type is, one would be likely to guess O negative, the universal donor, who can give life to all. Instead, it’s AB, the universal recipient. He can receive blood from anyone, but most people who received blood from Him would be killed by it. That’s no accident, because He is not subject to accident. So what does it mean theologically? That anyone is welcome to shed their blood from Him, but not all can receive His Blood worthily?

    • Actually, you would expect Jesus’ blood to be AB. He is the universal reciepient….meaning his body will not produce antibodies to any blood given. When we drink his blood, we become part of him, not the other way around. -katheryn medical lab scientist, bloodbank specialist

      • I agree with you, Katheryn. To me, it means that Jesus receives everyone & rejects no one who comes to Him with a meek & humble heart (Mt 11:28-29). On the other hand, one’s blood is “incompatible with” Jesus’ when one’s in the state of mortal sin. Consequently, if one dares to receive Holy Communion unworthily in the state of mortal sin, one incurs the sin of sacrilege and condemnation or eternal death (I Cor 11:27-30).

      • What I understand is AB+ is the universal receiver, they can receive from any blood type, but AB – can only receive blood from any of the negatives and not any positive blood.

    • I would think that it was to allow us the ability to connect these miracles to Him. And the reason that O- is much more common here is so that we may more easily help our fellow with the blood we were given.

  3. I think what the author try to emphasized is that the blood type coincidence fortifies the authenticity of the miracle. That the miracle is not the result of any human creation, the miracle is truly Divine.

  4. There is also the Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires, which also has blood type AB. The flesh was determined to be heart flesh, and had high levels of white blood cells indicating severe stress, and there was indication that the flesh was taken from a living heart.

  5. I’m AB too and I believe I’m in Jesus’s lineage. Thanks for the sharing and keep encouraging doubting souls; for faith comes by hearing / reading the word of God ( and testimonies) which is the Truth.

    • I didn’t know that AB positive was so rare – that is my blood type as well! Feel very honored to have the same blood type as Jesus and also the same as the Blessed Mother since Jesus didn’t have an earthly father His blood type must be identical to Mary’s!!

  6. You Said: “You can still see the non-decomposing flesh and blood in the Church of San Francesco today.”
    “You can still see the cloth on display in the Cathedral of Orvieto.”
    What the hell you want us to believe?? that this flesh and blood are a part of Jesus Body?!!
    From where do you have your believes?? for sure not from the Holy bible of Jesus!
    That what exactly the Satan want you to believe in.
    the blood type is AB.. from where they got this information.. from the shroud!! after 2000 years!! by science.. that is not possible, as the proteins in blood are destroyed by time and can not be analyzed.
    I all the acts of apostolic, they never mention that we have to celebrate the death of Jesus, and never visit his tomb as they know and believe that he is risen and not here anymore..
    what you are searching for?
    I am Christian, I believe in one God and his name is Jesus.
    any thing out of what is written in he bible, it is not from God.
    Yes for sure science is very important, but , I will never build my faith in science.

    • Samy, anyone can say “I’m a Christian.” But it takes a True Christian to believe Jesus when he said “Take this and eat it This is My Body..
      “Take this and drink it This is My Blood = The Eucharist. “Do this in memory of me.” Physically it’s bread n wine but spiritually, transubstantiation through the Catholic Priest will occur to be the Body n Blood of Jesus Christ, and only the person that have heartly repented from their sin, can participate. The two bloods are now one. Jesus’ Blood never dies, whether He leaves it on the Holy Shroud of Turin or on a Holy Bleeding Waffle devinely transformed. ONLY God can do this and don’t tell me He can’t!


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