The Martyrologium Romanum, the Roman Martyrology, is an extensive (but not exhaustive) official listing of saints recognized by the Catholic Church.

Included in the Roman Martyrology are those who died before Pentecost and are considered saints of the Old Covenant. While modern saints went through a formal process of canonization, Old Covenant saints did not.

Below is a list of all Old Covenant saints in the Old Testament and their respective feast days throughout the year. See how many you know!

• 9 May: Isaiah
• 10 May: Job
• 14 June: Elisha
• 15 June: Amos
• 1 July: Aaron
• 13 July: Ezra
• 1 August: Seven Holy Brothers and Eleazar
• 20 August: Samuel
• 26 August: Melchizedek
• 1 September: Joshua
• 4 September: Moses
• 6 September: Zechariah
• 21 September: Jonah
• 26 September: Gideon
• 9 October: Abraham
• 17 October: Hosea
• 19 October: Joel
• 19 November: Obadiah
• 1 December: Nahum
• 2 December: Habakkuk
• 3 December: Zephaniah
• 16 December: Haggai
• 18 December: Malachi
• 21 December: Micah
• 24 December: All Holy Ancestors of Christ
• 29 December: David 

Below are Old Covenant saints from the New Testament, considered so because they died before the inauguration of the Church by Christ.

• 3 February: Saints Simeon and Anna
• 19 March and 1 May: Saint Joseph
• 25 March: Saint Dismas
• 24 June and 29 August: Saint John the Baptist
• 23 September: Saints Zechariah and Elizabeth
• 28 December: Holy Innocents

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