Following the Pope’s visit to the United States, Fox News aired a special entitled “Losing Faith in America?” that explored whether Catholics still live out their faith in any sort of committed way.

The special profiled Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a faithful young religious order of Dominican Sisters and Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio.

The host was surprised by the vibrancy of the students’ faith and their love and dedication to the Church, but anyone familiar with Franciscan University knows that they have long been a center of religious enthusiasm, both through their university as well as their adult and teen conferences held in Ohio and around the country.

If you asked a participant of a Steubenville Conference whether faith was dead in America they wouldn’t hesitate before answering: “No, absolutely not. Come and see.”

And now, the newest endeavor of Franciscan University to invite people to experience the fullness of a lived relationship with Jesus Christ: Pittsburgh NOW (Night of Worship).

This event takes place on the evening of October 17 at St. Paul’s Seminary in Pittsburgh and will follow the Steubenville Conferences’ model of dynamic speakers, inspiring music and, of course, time for to pray before God in the Blessed Sacrament.

After Pittsburgh NOW’s inaugural event last year, one thing is clear. Faith is alive in the United States and it most certainly is thriving in Pittsburgh. Don’t believe me? Go and check it out for yourself. Bring a friend. I can ensure you that the joy you saw on peoples’ faces as they encountered Pope Francis last month will be present there. Why? Because the Catholic faith is first and foremost about a lived relationship with Christ and His Church, who is the source of all our joy and happiness.

Get the details and sign up here.

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