The civil war in Syria has been one of the deadliest and most tragic events to occur in modern history. One of the very real impacts the war has had is on the ancient Christian community in the land.

Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been displaced by the war or have been forced to leave the country. Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregorios III Laham said last year that more than 1,000 Christians had been killed, entire villages cleared, and dozens of churches and Christian centers demolished.

One such family affected by the war are The Al Dakhils. The family comes from the ancient city of Daraa, some 60 miles south of the Syrian capital of Damascus. There, they led a peaceful life as Melkite Greek Catholics. However, after discovering 40 bullet holes in their car, they knew it was imperative to flee their homeland.

With few options and little help, the situation seemed dire. That is when Knights came to the rescue.

With the direct assistance of the Knights of Columbus, The Al Dakhils were welcomed into Canada by the parishioners of Holy Redeemer Church.


The Knights of Columbus have released a new series that focus on the heroic actions of everyday people titled “Everyday Heroes“. Episode 6 of this series, titled “Blessed Are The Persecuted”, focuses on the journey of Al Dakhil family, and how the Knights of Columbus helped them find a new home, safety, and the beauty of the beatific vision at Holy Redeemer Parish in Canada.

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