As Catholics, we venerate saints to show the proper reverence and respect for the pious lives they led before entering into Heaven. We pray and ask for the intercession of the saints in Heaven, so that they may pray for us on our behalf. We even venerate saints as the Heavenly advocate and special intercessors for many patronages. But just how many saints are there? The answer is surprisingly complicated.

According to the Church, a “saint” is anyone who is in Heaven, whether their status as being in Heaven is recognized on Earth or not. A “Saint” is used to denote a person who has gone through a rigorous formal canonization process of the Church.

Its problematic to try and determine how many saints there are, not only because the term can refer to anyone in Heaven, but because the process of canonization was not constant throughout history. By the year 100 AD, early Christians were already honoring other Christians who had died and were praying for their intercession. Early saints were locally declared by a community, rather than canonized formally through the Church.

Throughout the Middle Ages however, the canonization process started to become formalized and reserved to the Holy See alone. The first official canonization took place in 993 AD by Pope John XV of Saint Ulric, and by 1588 Pope Sixtus V charged the Congregation of Rites and Ceremonies with the vetting of candidates for sainthood.

The number of how many saints there is traditionally stated to be at minimum 2,000 but most likely exceeding 10,000. However, historians have debated the specific headcount because records of saints before the introduction of a canonization process are few and far between.

Throughout his papacy, Pope Francis has canonized 911 saints, with his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI having canonized only 45 saints.

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  1. I am non catholic but accordingly my dream I wanna join this great community. I need a little corner in a Church what the law or rules I have to follow at the last of my breathing. I need a Preist as my Godfather who will tell me each and everything. I Know without helping him I can’t go to close Almighty. II want when I will be present in front of Him my head should be proudly straight. I want nothing for this life I need lot of His blessings for where, there is His kingdom.

    • Praveen:

      Accepting Jesus Christ as our savior, the son of God the father, who gave his life for
      our sins is part of moving forward as we are baptized in water and
      sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Now that you have access to technology
      you can visit with priests from different parts of the world. Am sure that God almighty
      will designate one of them to mentor and assist you on the journey.


      Prof. del Rio

  2. Hi Praveen, You only have to go to a Catholic Church near you and speak to the priest, deacon there of your good intentions. You can also ring the Catholic presbytery and inform the secretary of the parish priest of your intention to be become a Catholic. Leave your tel no. so they can contact you. God bless you and your family. Cheers, Maria Llave


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