Throughout his life, Fulton Sheen was renowned as a theologian and philosopher, but was most iconic for being a rarity in the realm of Catholic preaching. As a host on nighttime radio and television programs, “the golden-voiced Fulton J. Sheen, U.S. Catholicism’s famed proselytizer,” had weekly audiences of up to 30 million.

Life Is Worth Living, his first television program, ran for 5 years starting in 1952 and featured Venerable Sheen speaking to the camera and discussing moral issues of the day.

One of his most celebrated sermons, “How to Improve Your Mind,” was given on the show in 1956 and instructs you how to approach learning, how we often limit ourselves in life, and how we can develop and improve our minds and through that improve our relationships with others and God.

Watch Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen’s full sermon on How to Improve Your Mind below:

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