In the midst of this Lenten season, many of us are getting back to what really matters. Sacrificing chocolate, our social media use or other comforts, has hopefully helped us focus on our relationship with the Lord and following His call in our life.


For most of us, part of this call is serving the people around us. Maybe that means our young children as they grow and mature. Perhaps it’s the employees we manage at work or the clients we help to thrive–whether that be in a medical, educational, ministerial or other setting.

At the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, we recognize that each person we encounter is unrepeatable–given inestimable value and dignity by God. What a gift it is to be a part of their journey!

If you are looking for the tools to serve others more effectively, to help them live to their full potential, now could be the time to look into an online M.S. in Psychology at IPS. This program seamlessly weaves together psychology and the Church’s teachings on the human person; theory with practical skills; and knowledge and expertise that you’ll immediately be able to use at home, at work or in your ministry.

We encourage you to look into this unique program — thank you for all that you do to serve others!

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